Level 1: Patent Portfolio Assessment Report

Patent Portfolio Assessment Reports provide businesses and experts with a cost-effective and timely method to evaluate the strength, quality and position of portfolios. IPVision further analyzes the patent portfolio for its relative position within an immediate and extended patent landscape, including insights into patent family investments and age of the patent/technology. IPVision’s building block approach provides unique insights into the opportunities and risks related to a patent portfolio and provides a foundation to allocate precious expert time and efforts.

Typical report delivery is within 2-3 business days of request.

This report is most appropriate for portfolios smaller than 200 patents. Larger patent assessments typically are completed in project engagements with analysis targeted to the situation at hand and specific client requirements.


Portfolio Assessment Reports are often combined with additional analysis, commonly including Individual Patent Reports on key patents, competitive assessments or cross-portfolio analysis to understand the interconnection and combined (or relative) strength of two or more business’ holdings.