IPVision Advantage™
Professional Level Patent Analytics Subscription

Organizations with complex requirements and a sophisticated approach to understanding the role of intellectual property rights benefit from the unmatched patent analysis capabilities presented by IPVision Advantage - Professional Level access.

While our free and premium access levels provide targeted patent research capabilities for 100 and 1,000 patent sets, IPVision Advantage - Professional Level provides the ability to quickly and easily identify, navigate and mine large patent portfolios and landscapes.

IPVision Advantage - Professinal Patent Analysis Benefits

IPVision Advantage - Professional Level additional provides a platform that can integrate additional data sources, including unlimited internal datasets, product/technology taxonomies, etc. 

Professional Level patent analysis makes it easy to quickly locate and analyze information in your context and area of interest.

Following are a few specific capabilities:

Patent Portfolio Analysis - IPVision AdvantageManage a large patent portfolio, including the ability to view IPVision claim measurements and quality assessment,immediately acces key statistics and prepare patent analytics.


Patent  Classification Analysis - Class Tree Analysis by IPVision


Drill-down into a patent landscape or portfolio through IPVision Advantage dynamic Class Tree Analysis.

The Class Tree analysis to the left provides drill-down exploration into a several thousand patent portfolio.



Multi-patent landscape map for Caller-ID patents

Quickly build, hilite and annotate sophisticated patent maps and visualizations to facilitate discussions and decisions.


The patent map to the right is a multi-patent landscape map of 4 AT&T called-ID patents with non-AT&T patents by Cisco, Microstrategy and others identified for further analysis.


This example analysis often supports competitive intelligence, patent monetization/licensing reviews, and patent maintenance decisions.


If you operate in a complex technology landscape or face rapidly evolving technologies, IPVision Advantage helps you build and maintain awareness and to obtain the detailed analysis required to support your efforts.