Patent Screening Reports and
IP Analytics to Gain Control and Speed Decisions

The explosion of patent information in the past decade requires new patent risk evaluation methods and business processes.

One critical area affecting high-technology businesses is the development of a patent market and increasing patent transactions / patent litigation.

Working with Fortune 500 patent counsels, IPVision developed innovative methods to speed the understanding of patents and patent portfolios across critical perspectives and context

  • Patent value and relevance (context)

  • Patent quality

  • Patent position to other interested parties

These perspectives result in tailored patent screening programs and patent analysis reports that support patent counsel in allocating work effort, engaging outside counsel and drawing upon internal technical experts.

IPVision's evidenced-based approach to patent analysis has resulted in multi-million dollar transaction savings while providing corporate patent counsel with additional perspectives and guidance to draw upon when coordinating strategy with their business counterparts.

When IPVision started providing us with their 48-hour patent analysis reports for patent evaluation and due diligence we regained the upper hand -- we were happy to replace our ad hoc, reactive efforts to deal with patent brokers, trolls and NPEs with IPVision's evidence-based process.

Senior Patent Counsel, Fortune 500 technology company.