IPVision Advantage™
Premium Level Patent Analytics Subscription

Upgrading to a premium account provides multiple benefits and advantages.

These benefits include expanded search result lists from 100 records to 1,000 records and access to innovative, patented visualization and analysis capabilities:

Premium patent analysis account features - IPVision

Premium Level patent analysis makes it easy to quickly locate and analyze information in your context and area of interest. Following are a few specific capabilities:

Compare Patent Lists - IPVision Patent Analysis Software

Easily Compare Lists generated from your search strategies or Bulk Load portfolios:


Quickly view Current Assignee analysis across search results and large lists:

Current Assignee Analysis

Patent Company Details in Patent Analysis

Direct access to additional information on companies:

Drill-down to specific patent holdings, patent claims, status and documents:

Patent details and Documents in Search Results

Immediately visualize a company or inventor's portfolio with right-click access to patent documents, status details and additional advanced analysis techniques:

Portfolio Visualization of Select Hitachi Waste Solidifcation Patents