Your Expertise, Our Analytics

IPVision operates from the perspective that our customers are the experts in their field. Although our leaders and partners bring a diverse array of PhDs, attorneys and MBAs to bear, we recognize that our insights and perspectives must be grounded in our customers' organizational and domain expertise.

This recognition governed the development of the IPVision analytics platform: IPVision Advantage™. IPVision Advantage™ fills gaps left by traditional IP data and key-word research based approaches. Namely, IPVision recognizes that data and content are widely available and that organizations prefer to direct their efforts to the most efficient and consistent methods to extract and build the knowledge and wisdom needed to drive strategy and results.

The IPVision Advantage™ decision support system is available upon project or subscription basis, providing customers with secure analytical capabilities to address business, legal and financial questions related to IP rights.

IPVision Advantage™ integrates patent, financial and legal perspectives with iterative analytics, visualization, and extended research capabilities. Its patented methodology looks across discrete companies or patents or extensive technology landscapes. Within these perspectives we provide customers with new-found abilities to assess both the position and quality of positions. Through IPVision’s rigor and analytics we turn data into actionable knowledge and wisdom.

Professional subscriptions are suitable for organizations with advanced intellectual property and technical challenges who have internal resources seeking value beyond that available from traditional research or content providers or tools.