About IPVision:
Patent Analytics and IP Strategy

IPVision provides a deep understanding of patent information, financial data and strategy through the innovative IPVision Advantage analytics platform, programs, reports and project and services.

Founded in 1999, IPVision’s approach is proven across the experience of more than 100 customers. The firm is headquartered in Kendall Square Cambridge, MA with staff in Silicon Valley. Leadership draws from professionals in the technology, law, intellectual property and business domains.


  • Time and effort efficient

  • Real-time access to underlying data and analytic capabilities

  • Multi-formatted relationship mapping; tell the story in graphics and text

  • Cost effective

  • Deep relational analysis

  • Replicable analysis over time and topic

  • What-if scenario planning

  • Actionable knowledge augmenting your expertise

IPVision's services, reports and IPVision Advantage platform use cutting edge technologies to speed results, our people understand your needs, how business works and how to communicate findings to eliminate the learning curve typically associated with new programs and techniques.