Patent Portfolio Claims Assessment

A portfolio-wide patent claims assessment focuses upon patent quality across an entire patent portfolio.

Portfolio level claims assessment supports portfolio screening and assessment through analysis of the actual claim language of each patent. The output is a two factor rating of Patent Claim Broadness (A, B, or C) and Patent Claim Structure (1 to 5).

This patent analytics technique is invaluable when prioritizing expert analysis and review of patents presented for license, purchase or in evaluating one’s own portfolio quality, strength and business potential.


  • A Patent Claims Analysis Summary Sheet - the distribution and percentage of each category of analyzed independent patent claim.
  • A Patent Claims Analysis Spreadsheet - detailed information about each patent and independent patent claim

Patent portfolio claims assessments provide a cost-effective, evidence-based perspective that companies use in reducing the size and cost of portfolio maintenance.

Typical report delivery is within 2-4 days of request.