Early Case Assessments Support Favorable Patent Litigation Outcomes and Patent Litigation Strategy

Most, but not all, patent cases settle before trial.

In a world of increased patent litigation, effective patent litigation management includes early case assessment and coordinated, strategic response.

IPVision provides a timely and cost-effective service in completing the underlying research for litigation counsel to quickly and economically prepare the case for settlement or trial by arming clients with comprehensive data on the underlying patents and parties.

Our belief is that a better, early understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the patents, their context and history provides better opportunities for reasonable settlement

Patent Litigation Assessment and Support by IPVision

Example Early Patent Case Assessment Dashboard Created by IPVision

Typical analysis in an early patent disupte assessment includes:

  • Documents on Present Dispute, Related Parties and Matters such as Re-exam or ITC actions
  • Analysis of the patents in dispute and the plaintiff's broader patent portfolio
  • Expert-system patent claims analysis and review of the plaintiff's independent patent claims
  • Patent family and patent portfolio analysis leveraging IPVision's 'building block' approach to patent research and analysis
  • Plaintiff and patent litigation history
  • Prior art and patent validity research
  • Reviews for common procedural errrors, including ownership issues, inventorship identification
  • Reviews for potential inequitable conduct, including potential improper back citing and disclosure of prior art across multiple domestic and international filings
In the course of developing patent litigation strategy, additional supporting research is conducted on patent validity, enforceability, claim interpretation and counter-infringement.