Understand Patent Portfolios and Take Proactive Actions

When charting direction, IPVision analytics' offerings enable better, more informed understanding of patent asset in context. Our expert systems and proprietary algorithms tie together and make sense of public and proprietary information related to and referencing your intellectual property. IPVision's project reports and analytics platform identify and illustrate the relationships between IP rights.

IPVision's goal is helping our customers protect and create value. IPVision analytics provide a method to organize and communicate patents and their relations within a portfolio and in relation to other firms’ portfolios.

IPVision analytics map internal and external technical developments across time, owners, and investment. Effectively managing strategy and portfolio development efforts toward a specific goal and strategy increases focus and efficiency while highlighting steps to strengthen your portfolio.

Knowledge gleaned through IPVision maps and reports illustrate the significance of patents and portfolios allowing you to build patent management strategy and to anticipate other firms’ positions. What-if scenario capabilities allow you to understand how the landscape changes around you over time and as mergers and acquisitions occur in your markets. With today's rapidly changing business landscape, traditional portfolio analysis is often out dated before it is written. In addition, those projects undertaken with manual and traditional search efforts alone are subject to the expertise and effort of the author. IPVision's project services and analytics platform work with high-speed enabling replicable analysis and consistent experience.

When a new opportunity presents itself, IPVision responds quickly, putting you into decision making mode and backing those decisions with evidence and insights.