Rapidly Screen Patent Risks and Identify Opportunities

A constant faced by businesses, professionals and advisors is the never-ending stream (and increasing volume) of intellectual property risks/threats and opportunities.

Quickly assessing one's initial response to these situations provides an exponential increase in value as time and attention can be properly allocated to the issues that matter.

IPVision has significant experience in developing screening systems and procedures for IP risk, assertions, license and acquisition. Our analytics-driven projects and innovative analytics platform help customers, advisors and experts hone attention through quick (yet thorough) screens followed by deep-dive analysis of portfolios, organizations and specific IP rights.

IPVision's innovative early patent litigation case assessments provide one example of our approach to improving patent risk assessment and management.

IPVision's unique approach assists customers in monitoring their position and environment over time. As products and technologies develop and revenue streams evolve, the risks and opportunities presented also change over time. Ongoing monitoring and sustained screening programs provide value across many aspects of a firm’s business context. Sample engagements include:

  • Quickly assessing licensing and infringement assertions
  • Monitoring and assessing new entrants, including venture-backed positions
  • Monitoring firms contributing to industry standards to see the evolution of strategies
  • Assessing value-chain IP positions – particularly for key suppliers, customers, licensees/licensors and cross-license relationships

IPVision’s broad capabilities help customers create and protect value. Through proven methods to assemble and understand the relationships between proprietary and public data, IPVision works with customers to transform data and information into insights, actionable knowledge and the wisdom required to achieve unmatched results.