Generate Improved Patent Licensing, Patent Sale and Technology Investment Returns

Intellectual property value results from multiple perspectives, including the value of individual rights and the portfolio effect of interconnected rights and those rights in context of other firms’ intellectual property. Further, intellectual asset value results from more than patents alone. IPVision helps corporations, experts and advisors answer questions related to:

  • Importance of the Invention
  • Protection of the Invention
  • Commercialization Strategies

Simply stated, not all inventions are created equal. Some have high commercial and technical merit, others offer incremental improvements and some do not deliver value based upon protection or commercialization factors. IPVision assists by placing the importance of the invention in context to historical and present positions.

Invention protection, in the context of patents, speaks to dynamics related to “capture” of the inventions value and to the quality of the patent claims and protection strategy. IPVision’s analytics driven assessments capture unique perspectives from expert-systems driven claims analysis to rigorous metrics to analyze the quality and scope of protections.

Value extraction can take many forms and IPVision’s project services and analytics platform support those many strategic possibilities. Whether traditional product sales (requiring an understanding of freedom to operate), licensing, or contribution to standards organizations, other commercialization approaches or a hybrid of many – IPVision analytics provide must-have information.

Time and Context Matter

The value of intellectual property evolves over time with technical development, economic cycles, modified business structures and revenue streams. IPVision projects and services assist firms in managing intellectual property as part of those evolutions. Ranging from evidence-driven “Patent Pruning” analysis to ongoing and dynamic product/technology to patent taxonomies, IPVision analytics provide a stable, consistent and time-proven approach to deriving high-value returns from your intellectual property investments.