Defend & Protect Your Patent Positions & Freedom to Operate

Defending your intellectual property position and freedom to operate is more than asserting or responding to litigation.

IPVision’s approach identifies potential barriers and mine-fields early creating opportunities to steer clear of avoidable conflicts. Similarly, IPVision provides the ability to monitor others' evolving positions – bringing insights into their intellectual property strategies.

Example engagements delivered by IPVision include

  • Analyzing litigation and litigated patent databases for party history
  • Phantom Patent Analysis
  • Licensing and cross-licensing analysis
  • Freedom-to-operate analysis

If conflicts are considered or arise, IPVision’s project services and analytics provide additional value from initial screening through finding critical information related to the scope and validity of the asserted rights. IPVision’s prior art services, building upon proven relationship tracing technologies, have proven critical to supporting our clients’ positions over time.