Patent and Technology Analytics
For Investment Decisions, Corporate Growth and Exit Success

Successful technology investors and VC firms understand the correlation between IP strategy and investment performance.

IPVision clients proactively investigate and monitor the IP performance of  portfolio companies and competitive landscapes.

Key patent and technology quesions include:

  • What is the quality and position of this opportunities' IP portfolio?

  • What other VC funds are investing in this technology area; who are they backing and how much has been committed across investment rounds?

  • How does a company’s IP align to technology trends, competitors, potential acquirers and the broader value chain?

  • How do we understand / mitigate patent risks?

  • Is there untapped value in the company's intellectual property?

  • Can we quickly obtain IP due diligence analysis before we commit additional capital to a company?

  • How can we screen investment opportunities for IP quality and context/competitors?

  • How might M&A change our position and industry?

  • Who are other new entrants and substitute technologies? How well are they funded (what is their burn rate) and who is backing them?

  • How have these positions and relationships developed over time?

With today's rapidly changing business landscape, traditional analysis is often out dated upon delivery. IPVision works in real time, providing replicable analysis with a consistent focus on increasing returns.