Patent Analytics
For IP Experts and Patent Counsel

Lawyers serve multiple stakeholders related to IP. As strategic counsel, defender and enforcer of rights, and in portfolio development, law firms and their corporate colleagues serve to guide clients through the complexity of intellectual property challenges and tactics over time.

IPVision assists firms when immediate tactical responses are required and in adopting a strategic approach to intellectual property.

Through the IPVision analytics platform, projects and services, IPVision navigates these questions in a time sensitive and results driven manner, responding quickly to your changing needs.

Customer goals:

  • Assuring quality patent prosecution and portfolio development
  • Providing strategic insights and wisdom
  • Responding to threats and inquiries in a timely fashion
  • Providing perspective and guidance during the M&A process
  • Building strategic value vs. commoditized patent application competitors

Key questions routinely answered include:

  • What is the quality and position of my client’s IP portfolio?
  • What other firms have invested in this technology, what is the relative freedom to operate between them?
  • How does my client’s IP align to their technology trends, competitors, revenue stream and value chain?
  • Does our practice group have a system in place to monitor and measure patent claim drafting quality?
  • Is there untapped value in the firm’s IP?
  • How can we screen incoming assertions and IP inquiries?
  • Can we support our clients’ M&A IP due diligence requirements?
  • How have IP positions and relationships developed over time?
Accuracy, timeliness and reproducible results matter.  Relying upon traditional portfolio analysis is a ineffective. It is often out dated upon delivery. IPVision works in real time, providing replicable analysis with consistent expertise across time.