Patent and Technology Analytics
for Corporate Executives

IPVision supports a wide-range of corporate executives and decision-makers in established and growing technology companies.

Whether answering initial questions regarding a technology or detailed analysis of competitors or a high-stakes decision, IPVision provides unique perspectives to help identify and capture value.

  • How is my IP aligned to our products, revenue, and business organizations?

  • How strong is our competitive position?

  • How should we include IP in our M&A and transaction due diligence?

  • Are there IP barriers to entry or our business expansion?

  • Do we have appropriate performance measurements?

  • How does our performance compare?

  • Do we have freedom to operate as we expand our product offerings?

  • Do we have an effective patent maintenance program and cost management process?

  • Who might pay royalties to us for our patent rights?

  • How can we screen incoming patent threats, reduce patent litigation risk and manage patent licensing inquiries?

Senior executives in companies routinely call upon IPVision's services and reports to proactively and strategically evaluate and prove their IP positions and decisions.  In addition to improved decisions and results, IPVision's innovative IPVision Advantage patent analytics and IP research platform provides supporting drill-down and iterative analytics support for IPVision's technical and legal teams.