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Joseph Hadzima, Esq., Sr. Lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management, President and Co-Founder of IPVision

Joe is co-founder of IPVision and has been recognized as one of the world’s top 300 IP strategists by Intellectual Asset (IAM) magazine. Joe is a recognized visionary in technology startups, with a keen eye for commercializing the latest technology advancements. His extensive career has included involvement in entrepreneurship, startup phase companies, business plans, venture capital, corporate governance, and intellectual property strategy. He has been involved in the founding of more than 100 companies as a founder, investor, director, legal counsel, or employee, and has advised entrepreneurs, high-growth businesses, and venture capitalists. These companies have been in a wide range of technology areas including speech recognition, nanotechnology, energy, IT, computer networking, life science, and biotech. As a founding judge for MIT’s $100K Entrepreneurship Competition and a Senior Lecturer at Sloan School of Management at MIT, his passion for cutting edge technology continues to evolve in new directions. Joe received his S.B. and S.M. in Management from M.I.T and a juris doctor cum laude from Harvard Law School. He practiced law for 17 years, first at Ropes & Gray and then at Sullivan & Worcester as director of the High-Tech/New Ventures Group.

Recent Posts

Using Patents as a Crystal Ball? Not Exactly…

How many companies in the past probably wished they’d had a crystal ball to tell them what was coming? We’ve already talked about Blockbuster and how they might have weathered the Netflix storm with a little bit of forewarning. What about Kodak? Wouldn’t a session with a psychic have changed the course of history for the film giant?

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Retailers Must Develop IP Intelligence Strategy for Greater Innovation

Retail companies and restaurants have been under fire from non-practicing entities, or NPEs, in recent years—more so than even the largest tech companies. Though the number of NPEs in existence is relatively small, the number of patents they own and can enforce through litigation is large enough to disrupt business for even the most established online and brick-and-mortar retailers. 

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Big Innovations This Month: All New Ways to Control Our Tech—From Cloth to Controllers

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Patents News on Everything From Football to Phones

Hoping to Bring Phone Users Closer to The Game,  Whatever Game They’re Playing

We are now in a generation that must always be connected to technology. Whether we are watching a football game on TV, or just trying to get in to our phone to play Candy Crush, we want to be as involved as we can be—at all times. When we watch sports, we want to be a part of the game. Even on Facebook, we want the world to know who are team is. Innovators are listening and starting to work on patents that bring us all closer to world we are living in—our sports world, our Facebook world, or any world we can find on that little screen.

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Waymo vs. Uber:  How and Why They Settled

Andrew Levandowski isn’t exactly a household name.  In fact, you may be scratching your head right now, wondering, “Who the heck is he?!”  He is, in fact, the key player in the recent high-profile San Francisco court case in which Waymo (parent company:  Alphabet, Inc.) sued Uber for over one billion dollars in damages.  Levandowski co-founded the self-driving technology company Otto in January 2016, which was quickly snatched up by Uber in August 2016. 

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Patents are Moving Right Along with Audi’s New Convertible SUV Patent, and Other News

For those who love the wind in your hair, and for those who need a little help for carsickness, innovators have got ideas just for you. Audi’s new convertible could be a flash in the pan, or it could get left in the dust, but Uber’s new idea to help those with motion sickness could lead to popularization of their next big thing—driverless vehicles.

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Using a Technology Landscape to Leap Above and Beyond Your Competitors

A technology landscape could help you take drastic steps that catapult you above and beyond your competitors. And it’s easy to obtain one, too. IPVision is only one of several firms that can show you the landscape surrounding your current intellectual property.

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Technology Patents This Month Are All About Expansion

Samsung is moving to a fuller screen. Facebook is moving deeper into a user’s identity. And Apple is moving clear off the screen! This proves that when it seems there’s nowhere else to go, you can always find some empty space somewhere.

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How and Why Monitoring Competitor IP Boosts Your Bottom Line

Stop and think for a minute about your bottom line. Is it everything you dreamed it would be? Of course not. You want your business to continue growing. And for that happen, you need to be at the cutting edge of what’s relevant in your field. When you find yourself there, you’ve got a good view of the competition. You want to be at least one step ahead of your competitor, but not everyone knows how to do that.

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Autonomous Vehicles in Patent News Will Bring Us Closer to the Future of Driving

George Jetson actually had to have his hands on the wheel (or stick) when he flew his car, so what would he think if he didn’t have to drive at all? For us, a picture of kicking back with eyes closed might come to mind, but you better keep them open. The police will be using their autonomous vehicle technology from Ford to track traffic violations.

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