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Tips for Navigating Innovation During COVID-19

As our previous several articles have highlighted, there is no shortage of innovation taking place during this pandemic. Scientists the world over scramble for answers to very specific and unique pain points, which leads to solutions that might, at least for the moment, infringe upon intellectual property currently patented.

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June Patent News: Congress to Help IP, Amazon Helps Prevent Theft, and Automakers Help Themselves

Who would steal Christmas presents from your front porch? Amazon is working on a solution that will give you—and the police—the answer. Also going on in the world: fewer lawsuits and clearer patent legislation. Read on to see the good that is coming to the world of IP.

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Using Patents as a Crystal Ball? Not Exactly…

How many companies in the past probably wished they’d had a crystal ball to tell them what was coming? We’ve already talked about Blockbuster and how they might have weathered the Netflix storm with a little bit of forewarning. What about Kodak? Wouldn’t a session with a psychic have changed the course of history for the film giant?

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How and Why Monitoring Competitor IP Boosts Your Bottom Line

Stop and think for a minute about your bottom line. Is it everything you dreamed it would be? Of course not. You want your business to continue growing. And for that happen, you need to be at the cutting edge of what’s relevant in your field. When you find yourself there, you’ve got a good view of the competition. You want to be at least one step ahead of your competitor, but not everyone knows how to do that.

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What to Do After You Get a Technology Landscape

In the innovation consulting world, a technology landscape is like the “It Girl” of the year. Companies all over the world offer technology landscapes as a product—something you pay money for once and receive only that. And, like that weird thing you bought “as seen on TV,” it doesn’t always come with instructions.

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How Late is "Too Late" to Worry About Disruptive Innovation?

A question that falls into the category “if you have to ask…” but one you should be asking. If you’re in a stagnant or mature industry, assume consumers will behave the same way forever or change slowly, it’s too late. You can’t simply offer a decent product or service with a solid history, sit back, and expect the product to keep doing all the work. If you’re plodding along, maintaining the status quo, and excitement and buzz are a thing of the past, well, you may be begging for disruption.

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3 Huge Benefits of Monitoring Competitors’ Intellectual Property

If you could get a preview into what your biggest competitor was planning, wouldn’t you take that opportunity? Too many companies either have no idea they can see everything their competitors are patenting or they don’t realize how helpful that information can be.

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3 Hot Companies That May Be One-Trick Ponies

It happens all too often: A company hits big and then slowly fades into obscurity when they fail to produce follow-up products or develop a business plan that can introduce additional revenue streams.

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Beer's Role in Innovation

Many great—or seemingly great—ideas come to fruition during the course of drinking a beer. When you’re out with the guys (or girls), one or two cold ones could have you rhapsodizing about how you’re going to change the world. This is most likely when self-lowering toilet seats, automatic pet petters, and self-twirling ice cream cones were all dreamed into existence.

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Your Biggest Innovation Questions: Answered

Have you hit a wall when it comes to innovation? Maybe you’ve created products that you counted on to help you regain your share of the market, only to watch them fall flat with buyers. Or maybe, just maybe, you’re at the top of your game and just want to know how you can keep holding on.

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