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What to Do After You Get a Technology Landscape

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In the innovation consulting world, a technology landscape is like the “It Girl” of the year. Companies all over the world offer technology landscapes as a product—something you pay money for once and receive only that. And, like that weird thing you bought “as seen on TV,” it doesn’t always come with instructions.

In most cases, the price of the technology landscape you receive gives you some idea of how helpful the company offering it will be. For instance, you could get the exact same information from one company as you’d get from us—but our competitors are cheaper. We don’t blame you for wanting to save a little money. That’s why those less expensive companies exist. 

But, once you have that landscape in hand—once you see the intellectual property at play within your industry—what happens then? Well, the less expensive company says, “You got what you paid for.” At IPVision, however, we want to help you figure out how to use that information to drive your innovation efforts.

It’s not just the technology landscape that helps you keep moving forward, to avoid disruption, and to keep or regain market share. You deserve more than just a drive-by data dump; you need to know the best possible ways to use the information that’s contained within. With IPVision, you always get what you pay for—and what you get is MIT-educated experts that become a part of your team for the long haul.

Why You Need a Technology Landscape

Honestly, we think everyone needs a technology landscape, regardless of where they are in their innovation efforts. Even if you’re not planning to introduce a new product in the foreseeable future, someone else could be ready to roll out technology that could disrupt your entire industry. It’s happened…several times. You should consider a technology landscape if:

  • Your most innovative product has a patent that’s set to expire or has recently expired, and you have nothing in the works to stay on top.
  • Your latest products haven’t been as well received as you expected them to be.
  • Your competitors have figured out how to produce cooler versions of your product, even though you were first to market.
  • You’re already on top and you just want to stay there.

See? At least one of these reasons describes your company. That’s why we say everyone needs a technology landscape—and often.

What Comes Next?

IPVision wasn’t founded by people who’ve studied innovation. No, our company is led by some of the world’s most recognized innovators and educators. When it comes to choosing the next step in your journey, don’t you want someone who wrote the book instead of someone who read the book?

We like to put IP at the forefront of everything we do. No matter what you want to achieve, you need to know the intellectual property in question. That’s why we investigate the patents first, before we do anything else. We want to determine what’s already in play so that you don’t spend months developing something that has to ultimately be shelved.

With the IP landscape in hand, you can begin to see the possible paths down which you can take your next step. Will you identify white space within a particular technology? Will you determine which of the existing patents might be licensed to make your next product possible? How can you do this with only a landscape in hand? 

That’s what must come next after you receive your technology landscape: direction so that you use the information within to take the next step. Can you do that with the less expensive versions that are available?

At IPVision, our passion is for the intellectual property. It’s in our name. If you’re serious about obtaining a technology landscape that will help you move forward with your company, give us a call.

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