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Intellectual Property and Boards of Directors: Conclusion and Next Steps

Regardless how long you’ve served as a member of the Board of Directors for your company, you may have seen some information here that you had never before considered. As we said from the beginning, intangible assets such as intellectual property are often overlooked—though less now than ever before. Our hope is that we not only introduced some information that can help you as you serve as a Board member, but also that we provided the “why.” 

Technology Landscapes: Corporate Venture Group and Deal Scouting

This is the fourth in a series of articles about technology landscapes, or patent landscapes.  In the first post “Why I Hate the Phrase ‘Technology Landscape’,” we explain that the phrase “technology landscape” means different things to different people in different contexts. In the second article “Technology Landscapes and Patent Monetization” we discuss how a technology landscape is only the starting point towards making business decisions regarding patent monetization (making money on your patents). The third article investigated the use of a technology landscape to support a corporate growth strategy for an emerging company.

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Patent Portfolio Trafficking - Part 3: Patent Review Committees

The first article in this series discussed the reasons for increased activity in Patent Portfolio Trafficking, i.e. patent portfolios offered for sale or license.   The second article described how companies with Small Volumes of portfolios to evaluate were able to streamline their patent evaluation processes from weeks to days using a Metric Driven Approach.  This article looks at companies that have more fully integrated patent analytics into their patent portfolio acquisition process.

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Art of the Deal: IP in Strategic Investments & Corporate Venture

"Art of the Deal: IP in Strategic Investments and Corporate Venture" a recent web-based presentation and discussion by IPVision's Alex Butler and MIT's Dr. Val Livada is now available online.