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On-Demand Webinar: Patent Portfolio Evaluation and Transaction Screening - Oct 9th

IPVision, along with members of the MIT Sloan School of Management faculty, hosted a live webinar on Wednesday, October 9 at 10:00 am PDT / 1:00 pm EDT that updated participants on the ongoing progress of joint research that will bring increased understanding of how strategic / operating companies make decisions related to patent transactions.

Written by Info IPVision

Angela Belcher is the 2013 Winner of the Lemelson-MIT Prize

The Lemelson-MIT Awards Committee announced that the 2013 Winner of the $500,000 Lemelson-MIT Prize is Angela Belcher, the W.M. Keck Professor of Energy in Materials Science and Biological Engineering at M.I.T. and a faculty member at the David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT.

According to The Lemelson-MIT Program the Prize "recognizes individuals who translate their ideas into inventions and innovations that improve the world in which we live....Dubbed the "Oscar for Inventors," the Lemelson-MIT Prize is awarded to outstanding mid-career inventors who have developed a patented product or process of significant value to society, which has been adopted for practical use, or has a high probability of being adopted."

The focus of Prof. Belcher’s research is understanding and using the process by which nature makes materials in order to design novel hybrid organic-inorganic electronic and magnetic materials on new length scales.  She then uses these materials in applications as varied as solar cells, batteries, medical diagnostics and basic single molecule interactions related to disease.  Her research is highly interdisciplinary and brings together the fields of inorganic chemistry, materials chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology and electrical engineering.

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Measuring IP Success: IPVision's Alex Butler speaks at IP Business Congress

IPVision executive and advisory team member Alex Butler is a featured speaker at this year's IP Business Congress in Boston.

From his perspective of working with senior executives and their counsel, Alex will discuss the changing face of the IP market, how this is modifying corporate and investors expectations for IP departments, and how (whether in an IP legal unit or in a IP business unit) new management techniques and incentives are being deployed.

From the IP Business Congress Program:

Measuring success

Whether in-house IP departments are cost or profit centers is a perennial question. One way to find answers is to demonstrate the value they bring.

More than IP monetization

The importance of IP benchmarking

Focus on IP valuation

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Corporate Venture Expert Dr. Val Livada Joins IPVision Team

Cambridge, Massachusetts - IPVision, the leading IP strategy and analytics firm created out of efforts at MIT, today announced that Dr. Val Livada has joined the firm's leadership with a focus upon expanding IPVision’s support for executive teams, strategic investment, and corporate entrepreneurship.

Joseph Hadzima, Esq., co-founder of IPVision and a Senior Lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management, said "we are excited to bring Val’s skill-set and decades of experience to IPVision” he continued “Val is a respected leader in the corporate and MIT communities and his experience in helping large companies transform their innovation programs fits cleanly with IPVision’s advisory and IP analytics focus of moving from the commodity of IP data and content to information in context, actionable decisions and results."

Written by Info IPVision

IPVision Discusses IP Evolving Role in Corporations, Finance and Markets

IPVision executive and advisory team member Joseph Hadzima is a featured speaker at this year's IP Business Congress in Boston.


Hadzima will discuss the changing face of the IP market.

From the IP Business Congress Program:

In hard times only the strong survive: the biggest innovators are the biggest winners. Investors, technology leaders and senior industry observers discuss how the market  for IP assets is evolving and the implications for  stakeholders of every kind

  • Investment opportunities

  • New players, perspectives and horizons

  • Monetisation and beyond

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IP Business Summit 'Corporate Strategy & Value Creation' Presentation

IPVision executive Alex Butler presented at the 2013 IP Business Summit produced by the National IP Taskforce and the University of South Carolina Darla Moore Scho ol of Business.

Alex led a discussion focused upon the interplay of strategic and financial perspectives in corporate and investor decisions.
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Incorporating IP into Corporate Decisions - IP Business Summit 2013

IPVision executive Alex Butler leads a discussion on how IP can best be incorporated into corporate decisions at the Annual IP Business Summit coordinated by the Faber Center for Entrepreneurship at The USC Darla Moore School of Business and the National IP Taskforce.

Held outside of Charleston, SC May 30-31, the Summit also includes a unique 1/2-day work session focused upon the role of IP in creating value in the creative arts communities on May 29.

Written by Info IPVision

How Companies Value IP and Use it to Raise & Optimize Capital

Capital Insights' Q2, 2013 issue interviewed IPVision executive Joe Hadzima for the article "Capturing the Imagination" which explores the increasing use of IP as a source of wealth and as a mechanism for companies to raise and optimize capital.

Written by Info IPVision

Art of the Deal: IP in Strategic Investments & Corporate Venture

"Art of the Deal: IP in Strategic Investments and Corporate Venture" a recent web-based presentation and discussion by IPVision's Alex Butler and MIT's Dr. Val Livada is now available online.

Written by Info IPVision

Upcoming Webinar: Disruptive Technologies & Patent Strategy: Graphene Case Study

Please join Fitch, Even, Tabin & Flannery LLP and IPVision for a complimentary webinar, "Disruptive Technologies and Patents: A Case Study of Graphene," presented by Steven G. Parmelee and Alex Butler.