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On-Demand Webinar: Patent Portfolio Evaluation and Transaction Screening - Oct 9th

MIT Sloan School of ManagementIPVision, along with members of the MIT Sloan School of Management faculty, hosted a live webinar on Wednesday, October 9 at 10:00 am PDT / 1:00 pm EDT that updated participants on the ongoing progress of joint research that will bring increased understanding of how strategic / operating companies make decisions related to patent transactions.


With patents and IP driving a multi-billion dollar market, savvy financial and strategic investors are deploying innovative analytics and strategies to command unexpected returns and influence. A proper patent portfolio analysis is more important than ever.


By completing this research project, we seek to assist those involved in these transactions to make their evaluations more efficient and to achieve improved outcomes. 

The survey will be released early Q4 2013 with results available later in the year.


This webinar reviewed initial responses and perspectives and provide opportunities for interested parties to learn more about the research project and its participants.

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