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A Closer Look at Patent Quality During M&A

To this point, we have discussed the importance of IP and the high level questions a Board of Directors should ask Management about the company’s intellectual property. These questions cover a wide range, believe it or not. It’s never so simple as simply knowing which patents the company holds, though many Boards leave even that much to the IP lawyers. First, there’s the deep dive into research and development, which questions such as:

Should the Company Make or Buy an IP Portfolio?

Let’s return now to the mental image of a piece of real estate. If your parcel of real estate is “landlocked” because someone else owns all of the adjacent property, you have no way of reaching your parcel unless you and the other landowner reach an agreement to provide an easement, or a license to cross the land.

Why Boards of Directors Must Consider Intellectual Property During Business Planning

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Penny Wise and Pound Foolish Part One: Why IBM Ramped Up Their Patent Applications

Is more always better? A case could be made that it is. Love. Money. Patience. Peace. Patents?

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Patent Portfolio Trafficking - Part 3: Patent Review Committees

The first article in this series discussed the reasons for increased activity in Patent Portfolio Trafficking, i.e. patent portfolios offered for sale or license.   The second article described how companies with Small Volumes of portfolios to evaluate were able to streamline their patent evaluation processes from weeks to days using a Metric Driven Approach.  This article looks at companies that have more fully integrated patent analytics into their patent portfolio acquisition process.

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Patent Portfolio Trafficking - Part 2: Small Volume Case

In the first article of this series we explored the forces that have given rise to a more active market in Patent Portfolio Trafficking. In summary, increased recognition of the value of intellectual assets, increased ability to analyze and measure IP, the Open Innovation movement and increased Senior Management involvement in IP. In this and the following articles of this series we present real cases (disguised for confidentiality) of how companies are trying to deal with Patent Portfolio Trafficking.

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Measuring IP Success: IPVision's Alex Butler speaks at IP Business Congress

IPVision executive and advisory team member Alex Butler is a featured speaker at this year's IP Business Congress in Boston.

From his perspective of working with senior executives and their counsel, Alex will discuss the changing face of the IP market, how this is modifying corporate and investors expectations for IP departments, and how (whether in an IP legal unit or in a IP business unit) new management techniques and incentives are being deployed.

From the IP Business Congress Program:

Measuring success

Whether in-house IP departments are cost or profit centers is a perennial question. One way to find answers is to demonstrate the value they bring.

More than IP monetization

The importance of IP benchmarking

Focus on IP valuation

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Incorporating IP into Corporate Decisions - IP Business Summit 2013

IPVision executive Alex Butler leads a discussion on how IP can best be incorporated into corporate decisions at the Annual IP Business Summit coordinated by the Faber Center for Entrepreneurship at The USC Darla Moore School of Business and the National IP Taskforce.

Held outside of Charleston, SC May 30-31, the Summit also includes a unique 1/2-day work session focused upon the role of IP in creating value in the creative arts communities on May 29.