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Incorporating IP into Corporate Decisions - IP Business Summit 2013

IP Business SummitIPVision executive Alex Butler leads a discussion on how IP can best be incorporated into corporate decisions at the Annual IP Business Summit coordinated by the Faber Center for Entrepreneurship at The USC Darla Moore School of Business and the National IP Taskforce.

Held outside of Charleston, SC May 30-31, the Summit also includes a unique 1/2-day work session focused upon the role of IP in creating value in the creative arts communities on May 29.

Advance Registration for the event is available at:


The IP Business Summit brings together senior corporate and economic leaders for a range of discussions focused upon the continuing emergence of intangible assets as a source of economic value and wealth across many sectors of industry.

Mr. Butler's discussion will focus on how leading companies are moving from thinking about IP as series of stand-alone legal rights to a portfolio of strategic corporate assets that can add value, mitigate risk (or introduce risk to others), and provide unique perspectives across supplier and customer value chains. 

"Mapping and understanding the relationships between right holders in a field is a fundamental responsibility of management" indicates Mr. Butler. "Firms that do this well and on a proactive basis out-perform those who lag behind. Both in terms of competitive effectiveness and in the capital expended to address situations that arise and require immediate or after the fact attention."

Additional discussions on the central economic role that intellectual property rights play regionally, globally and at a company level will be led by Dr. Hildy Teegen Dean of the Moore School of Business, Dr. Steve Landefeld of the Bureau of Economic Advisors, Thomas Lundin, Principal IP Counsel of Phiips Intellectual Property & Standards,  Florin Paun the Industrial Innovation Deputy Director at ONERA (often referred to as the French Aerospace Lab), amongst others.

The Darla Moore School of Business has a unique perspective both in supporting this event as it continues to expand upon its leadership role in incorporating intellectual property perspectives and strategy into its academic offerings.  The local business and government communities recognize the importance of this trend and have joined in supporting this unique event.  IPVision is pleased to support these efforts.

Additional information on the Moore School and its traditional academic, professional,  executive and international programs is available at http://mooreschool.sc.edu/.


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