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Honoring 25 Years of Lemelson-MIT Prize Winners: 1995 Winner Wiliam Bolander


Intellectual Property and Boards of Directors: Conclusion and Next Steps

Regardless how long you’ve served as a member of the Board of Directors for your company, you may have seen some information here that you had never before considered. As we said from the beginning, intangible assets such as intellectual property are often overlooked—though less now than ever before. Our hope is that we not only introduced some information that can help you as you serve as a Board member, but also that we provided the “why.” 

COVID-19: The Mother of Invention?

Necessity is the mother of invention, and during these trying times, necessity’s name is COVID-19. The pandemic caught most of the world by surprise, spreading and mutating before scientists could grasp the full potential of the disease and its effects. Those effects, as we’ve discovered, aren’t just physical illness and possible death, but also economic devastation.

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The Big Difference Between IPVision and Other Innovation Consulting Firms

To be honest, the differences between IPVision and other innovation consulting firms are too numerous to boil down to one simple idea. In a nutshell, when you work with IPVision, you’ll work with the guys who wrote the book on innovation—not those who studied that book.

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Maybe You Misunderstand: Patents Should Drive Innovation, Not Block It

Once upon a time, the US patent system was created to share advances in technology so that others might learn from what’s available and improve upon it. The protection the patent system offered to the original inventor was meant to serve as an incentive to share that technology with the rest of the world.

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3 Hot Companies That May Be One-Trick Ponies

It happens all too often: A company hits big and then slowly fades into obscurity when they fail to produce follow-up products or develop a business plan that can introduce additional revenue streams.

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Beer's Role in Innovation

Many great—or seemingly great—ideas come to fruition during the course of drinking a beer. When you’re out with the guys (or girls), one or two cold ones could have you rhapsodizing about how you’re going to change the world. This is most likely when self-lowering toilet seats, automatic pet petters, and self-twirling ice cream cones were all dreamed into existence.

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How Can Tesla Open All Patents for Use? By Listening to the Voice of the Customer

Even now, years after Elon Musk made the announcement that Tesla would not pursue litigation for anyone who used Tesla patents in good faith, people still don’t know how to react. How could anyone give up that kind of power? Isn’t the point of a patent to enjoy some form of monopoly on the industry?

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The IPVision Method: Taking Innovation from Ideation to Commercialization

Wrapping IPVision’s services and products into a neat little package is nearly impossible. Every company comes to us with a different need. The outcome, however, is the same for everyone: more revenue and greater market share.

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Written by Joe Khurana

Maintaining Control of IP During the Innovation Process

When you have a truly innovative idea, it’s only natural that you would want to protect it. Nothing is worse than fleshing out a concept during brainstorming or ideation sessions, only to find that someone has beaten you to the punch.

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