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What Happens When a Patent Application Cites Incorrect Prior Art?

Generally, reporting patent news is interesting for the technology and business aspects. On occasion, however, we run into headscratchers—those little inconsistencies that make you go “hmmm…”

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Case Study: Is New Innovation a Good Investment Opportunity? Patents Tell the Story

This is a really cool story. We’ll let you know that up front because there are some things we can’t tell you. We can’t tell you the names of some of the characters in the story, like the Venture Capital Fund (we’ll just call him VC, okay?) and the Innovator. We can’t tell you the innovation or patent numbers. You may have a hard time getting invested in a story when you don’t know the names of the characters, but we promise the story is still so cool that you’ll be hanging on all the way to the end.

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Written by Alexander Butler

Patent Quality and Patent Context vs. "Patent Value"

During this week's Licensing Executive's Society Spring Meeting in Boston, several interesting dynamics are appearing.

Most interesting was the growing willingness of participants to discuss the past few years' "IP bubble" and the recent focus on patents' dollar value calculations and patent valuation.

In a range of discussions from university technology transfer directors to patent attorneys and technology company executives, we appear to be returning to a focus on fundamental components of patent value:

  • Understanding the importance of the technology
  • Focusing upon the quality of the legal protection
  •  And, figuring out the proper or best commercialization strategies