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No one has a claims analysis program like the one offered through IPVision. Absolutely no one.

IPVision has the answer.

IPVision Patent Claims Analysis was initially developed to help a Fortune 100 technology company assess the strength and quality of its patent portfolio and of the patent lawyers who wrote those patents. The VP of Intellectual Property recognized that the lawyers who write/prosecute patents rarely if ever have to enforce, defend or license those patents.


As a result they don’t have real world tested experience in what makes a patent strong. IPVision’s Claims Analysis employs an expert system based on court cases and rules provided by experienced patent litigators and licensing experts. IPVision has years of experience performing Claims Analysis and has verified its accuracy with independent experts and patent attorneys.


Claims Analysis is used in a variety of applications including:


  • Quality Control of patent writing by both in-house and outside counsel
  •  Identification of Strong Patents in a portfolio for further analysis by experts in:

      o Mergers & Acquisitions Transactions
      o Cross-Licensing Negotiations  
      o Patent Litigation
      o Patent Acquisition and Licensing Transactions


Try It For Yourself

Provide up to twenty United States patents for our no-cost analysis, and we’ll show you exactly what your next steps should be. With our patent claims analysis you’ll be able to:

  • Inform your patent acquisition decision-making
  • Screen candidates for mergers and acquisitions instantly
  • Self-assess patent holdings to determine which patents have the best claims & positioning
  • Instantly analyze the quality of competitor patents and determine their position relative to your own

Our analysis provides several layers of information, starting with any patents that cite the intellectual property in question. We then include any patents that cite the patents that cite your patent. You’ll see right away how many patents have cited your patent. In other words, your competition is laid out fully for you.

Our qualitative assessment includes scoring the breadth of the claim and the structure. You’ll quickly determine if your patent is broad or narrow, and if it has any structural flaws that could lead to problems with litigation. You’ll see with clarity any noun phrases within the independent claims that aren’t supported by the specification.

You’ll also learn the patent family asset identification for all US patent family members associated with any given patent in the portfolios you’re analyzing. This prevents you from acquiring a single patent without the ability to actually use that patent.

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