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Measuring IP Success: IPVision's Alex Butler speaks at IP Business Congress

IPVision executive and advisory team member Alex Butler is a featured speaker at this year's IP Business Congress in Boston.

From his perspective of working with senior executives and their counsel, Alex will discuss the changing face of the IP market, how this is modifying corporate and investors expectations for IP departments, and how (whether in an IP legal unit or in a IP business unit) new management techniques and incentives are being deployed.

From the IP Business Congress Program:

Measuring success

Whether in-house IP departments are cost or profit centers is a perennial question. One way to find answers is to demonstrate the value they bring.

More than IP monetization

The importance of IP benchmarking

Focus on IP valuation

The following persons join Alex in the conversation:

Cynthia Murphy, Senior Vice President, IP Solutions, Thomson Reuters
F Kinsey Haffner, Vice President - Intellectual Property and Licensing, Raytheon Company
William Plut, Principal, Patent Profit International
Simran Trana, IP Portfolio Development Leader, Dow AgroSciences

Key areas of focus include the emergence and expectations of new internal and external stakeholders. Whether executives paying newfound attention to the role of IP in value creation, or capital seeking risk-adjusted returns, IP centers and advisors increasingly need to clearly measure and communicate IP quality and value (noting the difference between the perceived strategic value of IP and the financial value demonstrated in the price of a transaction). 

The panel will further discuss the increasing sophistication of IP benchmarking and the increasing use of expert systems and analytics to help experts and executives explore the context of their IP operations, performance and key IP related decisions.

Additional information on this subject is available by contacting IPVision's leadership team.


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