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Art of the Deal: IP in Strategic Investments & Corporate Venture

"Art of the Deal: IP in Strategic Investments and Corporate Venture" a recent web-based presentation and discussion by IPVision's Alex Butler and MIT's Dr. Val Livada is now available online.

On-Demand Webinar Art of the Deal: IP in Strategic Investments & Corporate Venture

In this engaging conversation, Val and Alex share high value perspectives on how organizations making strategic investments often miss the mark in their strategic due diligence. Drawing upon specific examples, the presentation illustrates that while financial discussions have improved over time. Strategic considerations and due diligence processes often are:

  • "Too Little" 

  • "Too Late"

  • "Too Narrow"

In addition to helping strategic investors diagnose their current approach, Val and Alex offer specific recommendations on how to utilize analytics and data-supported decisions in technology investment processes and IP due diligence. These include, for example, a more sophisticated understanding of technology adoption cycles, how to better evaluate a technology (or market) value chain and the role that IP plays in shaping future value over time.  

Moving from establishing a good transaction, the presentation shows how improved pre-transaction discussions and IP plans lay a solid-foundation upon which organizations can effectively manage investments over time to maximize value. 

This recorded presentation is highly recommended for corporate strategy and venture executives and the legal and finance teams supporting those transactions.

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