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May 2020 Patent News; Life Outside of Quarantine

It’s no surprise that much of the innovation making the news lately revolves around finding cures, treatments, and/or vaccines for the novel coronavirus. However, some of the IP out there is being created to help us get through our time indoors. Toy and electronic companies are still going strong and robotic deliveries are becoming even more a possibility in the near future. But the most promising patents? Artificial intelligence.

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A Major New Book by MIT’s Entrepreneurship Founder and Chair

This week Amazon Books has just released “Celebrating Entrepreneurs: How MIT Nurtured Pioneering Entrepreneurs Who Built Great Companies”, by my long-time friend, colleague, and former professor (and boss!), MIT Professor Edward Roberts, who founded and still chairs the MIT entrepreneurship program. The book is available for Kindle (and other electronic downloads at $9.99) and in a beautiful colored paperback (for $50). The web site, CelebratingEntrepreneurs.com, tells much more about the author, the book itself, and provides for direct purchase from Amazon at the pre-publication and early sales discounted prices.

Tips for Navigating Innovation During COVID-19

As our previous several articles have highlighted, there is no shortage of innovation taking place during this pandemic. Scientists the world over scramble for answers to very specific and unique pain points, which leads to solutions that might, at least for the moment, infringe upon intellectual property currently patented.

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April Patent News: How Has the COVID-19 Outbreak Affected World Patents?

The coronavirus outbreak is the only thing on all of our minds these days. It has changed the scene of industry in so many ways: companies that thought they were car manufacturers are now building ventilators, makers of alcoholic beverages now making sanitizer, and even retired homemakers are contributing to the cause by sewing masks for hospital workers. Among all these changes, what new patents have arrived on the scene to help?

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COVID-19: The Mother of Invention?

Necessity is the mother of invention, and during these trying times, necessity’s name is COVID-19. The pandemic caught most of the world by surprise, spreading and mutating before scientists could grasp the full potential of the disease and its effects. Those effects, as we’ve discovered, aren’t just physical illness and possible death, but also economic devastation.

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March Patent News: COVID-19 – Finding a Cure and Limiting the Escalation

Lately there hasn’t been much on the minds of people all across the globe other than keeping germ-free and far away from the Coronavirus. However, the earth still turns each day and scientists are doing what they can to improve the world we’re living in by doing everything from eliminating the virus to cutting toilet paper waste. At the risk of contributing to Coronavirus news fatigue, let’s dive in.

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February Patent News: Accidental Innovation Happens

We examine Huawei’s suits against Verizon, some more Apple patents, and dig into a possible treatment for Coronavirus in this month’s patent news, as well as an accidental innovation in the healthcare industry.

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January Patent News: What Are the Patent Trends in 2020?

This past decade, our world saw incredible steps taken in the realm of technology.  Will that trend continue into the 20s?  Or is there a new hot topic that innovators are focusing on? Technology – especially in the area of headphones, apparently – is not going anywhere, but eyes are turning toward helping the environment now as well.

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Patent Portfolio Trafficking: IPVision’s Efficient and Comprehensive Patent Evaluation Method

Active programs for selling patents—particularly in large businesses—weren’t really in use until recent years. This may have been due to lack of inventory control, in which case companies simply didn’t have a solid understanding of what they owned, or a lack of business management, in which case the company had no real understanding of the business applications possible with intellectual property.

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December Patent News: Laser Windshield Wipers and Better Holographic Images – A Few New Patents to Look For in 2020

With the holidays upon us, what is it most IP owners are wishing for? To be top in their industry? To help encourage progression within the industry? For some, it’s nothing more than getting their patent accepted. Of course, there are ways around that, so keep reading.

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