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Patents News on Everything From Football to Phones

Hoping to Bring Phone Users Closer to The Game,  Whatever Game They’re Playing

We are now in a generation that must always be connected to technology. Whether we are watching a football game on TV, or just trying to get in to our phone to play Candy Crush, we want to be as involved as we can be—at all times. When we watch sports, we want to be a part of the game. Even on Facebook, we want the world to know who are team is. Innovators are listening and starting to work on patents that bring us all closer to world we are living in—our sports world, our Facebook world, or any world we can find on that little screen.

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Technology Patents This Month Are All About Expansion

Samsung is moving to a fuller screen. Facebook is moving deeper into a user’s identity. And Apple is moving clear off the screen! This proves that when it seems there’s nowhere else to go, you can always find some empty space somewhere.

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Autonomous Vehicles in Patent News Will Bring Us Closer to the Future of Driving

George Jetson actually had to have his hands on the wheel (or stick) when he flew his car, so what would he think if he didn’t have to drive at all? For us, a picture of kicking back with eyes closed might come to mind, but you better keep them open. The police will be using their autonomous vehicle technology from Ford to track traffic violations.

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Google Patents Motorized Laptop Hinge and Other Patent News

Companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple are constantly coming up with new ideas that help make everyday life easier. While patents are granted for many of these ideas, not all of them end up coming to fruition. Today’s patent news, however, hints at some very useful designs coming down the pipeline.

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Amazon Working On Patent For Driverless Pickup Lockers & Other Patent News

The future may or may not reveal flying cars, but it seems clear this week that most definitely those vehicles will be driven by robots. Two of our new patent stories reveal technology for bettering vehicular systems without drivers.  Everything for the enhancement of the customer’s experience! Keep reading to see how this could be done.

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VR Is Breaking Down Another Wall With A New Feature For Headsets & Other Patent News

A dual screen is the hot topic of the day. Just like a laptop with several tabs open at once, other devices are catching on to the fact that people like to multi-task. The more we can see, the more we can get done. New patents by LG and Samsung are bringing multi-screen interface to VR and phones, while Apple is seeing what can be done in the world of photography. Read below to see what else is new.

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Foldable Phones—Proof That Technology is Still Advancing and Other Patent News

You’ve seen the commercials reminding us that the introduction of smart phones was over ten years ago now, always prompting the question, “What’s next?” A few technology giants are taking steps to reach that next big thing. Is this what you will find in your pocket?

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Tesla’s at It Again with New Seat Design Patent and Other IP News

Seems like every week there’s news about how Tesla is changing the way we drive cars, enjoy cars, fuel cars, and now even sit in cars. They, along with others in the news this week, keep innovation moving with regular patents on intellectual property. That’s what keeps technology moving, right? So, let’s take a look at how things are shaking these days.

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Bill Gates Patents Football Helmet Tech and Other Patent News

’Tis the (football) season but they’re trying to ring less bells on the head injury front. Amazon drones on, while WalMart seeks to improve your shopping experience. Since it’s also close to the start of the holiday shopping season, we’ll start there.

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Flight Tracking Technology Finally Patented and Other Patent News

For everyone who ever wondered why we couldn’t track planes in flight, a professor from SUNY Fredonia has answered the call. We’ll get into that in a bit. First, we’ll talk about Blackberry bursting back on the scene with a patent license deal to Timex, a few fun Tesla patents, iRobot’s big court win, and, of course, Apple. Let’s get started.

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