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November 2020 Patent News: A Gateway to the Moon

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If you want to stay on the Earth, you are going to find many innovations helping your planet to stay comfortable longer. Eco-friendly places to live and attractions to visit can help our Earth last much longer than ever expected before. However, if you’ve had enough of this world, hang on to your seat. The US and Europe are working on Mission Artemis to bring man back to the moon.

NASA Planning to Return to the Moon with the ESA, Using a New Outpost Called Gateway

With the dismemberment of the International Space Station, the United States is teaming up with the ESA from Europe to start work on a new outpost in space that will be key in the Artemis mission, focusing on bringing man back to the moon. Construction on the outpost which will bear the name of Gateway, should begin in 2024, using technology from private companies such as Elon Musk’s SpaceX. Once the station has been completed, don’t expect to see flyover sighting, as happened with the ISS. The Gateway will be anchored in an area between the Earth and moon where gravitational attraction is balanced.

Robot Sea Creatures Can Make Aquariums More Eco-Sustainable, Thanks to Edge Innovations

Edge Innovations is an American company dedicated to eco-sustainability. And because there have been many animal activists who have spoken out against such institutions as zoos and aquariums, Edge decided to do something about it. Working with a team of biologists, scientists have developed hyper-realistic animatronics robots in the shape of some favorite sea creatures, such as dolphins. The biologists have helped the innovators create an algorithm to make the animals behave as realistically possible. By using these robots in aquariums, the real animals can be set free to inhabit the oceans where they belong.

First 3D Printed House Created by Italian Company, Italcementi

Just when the idea of 3D printer was starting to get a bit stale, the Europeans come around and blow our minds with it. A trip to Beckum, Germany, might bring you to the first 3D printed house. The house is currently being constructed with Italian materials by the Italian research company, Italcementi. What’s great is that the house can made nearly to what people need in a home, in compliance with building regulations, using up to 50% less total material. However, a 2- to possibly 4-story home is about the max that this technology can produce. So, don’t expect these printers to come out with skyscrapers any time soon.

New Means of Testing for COVID-19 May Be as Simple as Coughing for an AI

Somebody somewhere finally realized that sticking a swab up a person’s nose to nearly tickle their brain in order to test for CoVid-19 might not be the favored way to detect the virus. Someone, specifically a research group from MIT, realized that if AI can learn to do so much in our daily lives, it might be able to take on this medical task as well. The scientists developed an AI model that uses audio recordings of coughs to identify the disease when compared to a patient. The model was accurate in 98.5% of new cases.

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