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Did Amazon Understand the Scope of SkyBell Patents When Buying Ring?

Early in 2018, Amazon made big news once again, this time for its $1 billion purchase of the Ring brand, which included video doorbell apps and equipment, and now also offers various other home security options. Ring made waves with its introduction to the world, its biggest “howdy” taking place on Shark Tank. It was easy to see—at least for consumers—that Ring was going places. Those with insight into intellectual property, however, had some doubts.

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June Patent News: Congress to Help IP, Amazon Helps Prevent Theft, and Automakers Help Themselves

Who would steal Christmas presents from your front porch? Amazon is working on a solution that will give you—and the police—the answer. Also going on in the world: fewer lawsuits and clearer patent legislation. Read on to see the good that is coming to the world of IP.

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What Happens If You Don’t Move IP Considerations to Front of M&A Process?

When your corporate strategy doesn’t involve moving your IP considerations to the front of the M&A process, you will, at some point, face particular consequences.

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Patent Portfolio Trafficking - Part 3: Patent Review Committees

The first article in this series discussed the reasons for increased activity in Patent Portfolio Trafficking, i.e. patent portfolios offered for sale or license.   The second article described how companies with Small Volumes of portfolios to evaluate were able to streamline their patent evaluation processes from weeks to days using a Metric Driven Approach.  This article looks at companies that have more fully integrated patent analytics into their patent portfolio acquisition process.

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Patent Portfolio Trafficking - Part 2: Small Volume Case

In the first article of this series we explored the forces that have given rise to a more active market in Patent Portfolio Trafficking. In summary, increased recognition of the value of intellectual assets, increased ability to analyze and measure IP, the Open Innovation movement and increased Senior Management involvement in IP. In this and the following articles of this series we present real cases (disguised for confidentiality) of how companies are trying to deal with Patent Portfolio Trafficking.

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Art of the Deal: IP in Strategic Investments & Corporate Venture

"Art of the Deal: IP in Strategic Investments and Corporate Venture" a recent web-based presentation and discussion by IPVision's Alex Butler and MIT's Dr. Val Livada is now available online.

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IP Investment Conference, 2013 - IP Centric M&A

IPVision's Alex Butler and executives from Goldman Sachs and Ropes & Gray will discuss Wall Street's view of IP and IP due diligence in patent centric M&A transactions. The event is hosted by Deal Flow Media on 4 April 2013 at the Westin Times Square in New York City.

Written by Info IPVision

Patent Due Diligence in Patent Driven M&A - Perspectives from Google, JDS Uniphase and IPVision

The forecasted development of intellectual property and patents as an asset class has arrived in the high technology sector.  Increasingly, patent due diligence is now at the front end of M&A transactions.

On Tuesday, March 6, IPVision's Dr. Hoo-min Toong will join leading corporate IP counsel and seasoned professionals from Apple, Cisco, Google, Kodak, Intel, JDSU, Nortel and Yahoo, to discuss this trend in San Francisco at the PLI Seminar "IP-Driven M&A: The Revolution Has Arrived."

Patent Due Diligence: Strategic Patents & Acquired Liability in M&A

In an earlier post, Patent Due Diligence in Mergers & Acquisition Transactions-Overview, we discussed the top level patent due diligence issues that should be considered by a multi-function Due Diligence Team in the acquisition of a "Target Company." We identified four major areas of patent due diligence:

  • Ownership and Control of Target Company Intellectual Property
  • The Structure of the Proposed Transaction
  • Identify Strategic Value of the Target Company’s IP
  • Target (and Acquiring) Company Exposure to Liability from Intellectual Property of Others

In the second article in this series, M&A Patent Due Diligence: Ownership and Control of Patent Assets, we dug into the details of due diligence relating to the ownership and control of intellectual property. In this current article we discuss the last three topics.

M&A Patent Due Diligence: Ownership and Control of Patent Assets

In an earlier post we discussed the top level patent due diligence issues that should be considered in the acquisition of a “Target Company”.   We emphasized the importance of assembling a multi-function Due Diligence Team, including financial, marketing and technical experts in addition to legal experts, in order to achieve the goal of Identifying and Allocating the IP-Related Risks.