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Patent Portfolio Trafficking: IPVision’s Efficient and Comprehensive Patent Evaluation Method


Active programs for selling patents—particularly in large businesses—weren’t really in use until recent years. This may have been due to lack of inventory control, in which case companies simply didn’t have a solid understanding of what they owned, or a lack of business management, in which case the company had no real understanding of the business applications possible with intellectual property.

These, in part, are also the reasons we founded IPVision. We wanted to provide companies large, medium, and small with the information they need—gleaned from data and analysis—to make lucrative business decisions around their intellectual property.

As the two major trends driving buyers toward patent assets—patent aggregation and open innovation—continue to rise, the methods IPVision use to evaluate patent portfolios for sale or for purchase has become absolutely invaluable.

In this ebook, we discuss the various situations that face businesses of all sizes and discuss the solutions available. The book is free, and can be downloaded by clicking the image below. If you have questions or would like clarification about what you read, a link is provided at the end of the ebook to schedule a call with one of our senior advisors.

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