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January Patent News: What Are the Patent Trends in 2020?

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This past decade, our world saw incredible steps taken in the realm of technology.  Will that trend continue into the 20s?  Or is there a new hot topic that innovators are focusing on? Technology – especially in the area of headphones, apparently – is not going anywhere, but eyes are turning toward helping the environment now as well.

Google Releasing AI “Pixel Buds” that Translate into 40 Languages

We started with phones that could do more than make calls.  Then we had watches that did more than tell time.  Now?  We have headphones that do more than just transfer sound.  The next step in headphone/amplifying devices is a Bluetooth headset Google just launched that will translate what comes through into 40 different languages.  In addition to the fantastic AI quality reminiscent of Star Trek, these Pixel Buds, as they are called, also feature a longer-lasting battery life and better sound isolation.  If you’re ready to take the $200 jump into the future of earbuds, you should be able to do so early this year.

Speaking of earbuds, a search of the USPTO patent data finds 815U.S. patents or patent applications with the word “earbud” in the Title, Abstract or Claims.  The top 10 owners of these patent properties are:

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View on See-the-Forest.com.  

Patenting activity has been increasing – the publication dates for these 815 patent properties:

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View on See-the-Forest.com.

Solar-Powered Headphones from JBL to be Released Later This Year

Perhaps you prefer your headphones with an even longer battery life.  If you can wait a little longer, you will pay a little less to have the ultimate release of headphones from JBL. The Reflect Eternal headphones should be able to provide up to 168 hours of play time after only two hours in the sun.  And no need to worry if it is a rainy day – these headphones can also be plugged into an external source for charging.

Surprisingly there are not that many U.S. patents with the terms “headphone*” and “battery” in their Title, Abstract or Claims.   Here is an IPVision Patent Citation Interconection Map for the 162 U.S. Patents or Published Patent Applications found in that search:

January Patent News 3

Remember, you can click the landscape image to see an interactive version on See-theForest. Click here to learn how to read an IPVision patent map.

Turbine Light Streetlight Project by Studio TAK Help Save Environment

Since the sun is powering your headphones, why don’t we harness all of the natural resources we have available?  People on highways world-wide are seeing the road in a whole new light. The lights on the side of the road are now being powered by wind turbines.  Studio TAK has launched the Turbine Light project, an eco-sustainable street light system geared to save energy and shine the light on the environment.

We did not find any patents or published patent applications in the U.S. for Studio TAK but we did find 5 U.S. patent properties that had the terms “turbine”, “light” and “highway” in the Title, Abstract or Claims.  Here is an IPVision Patent Landscape Map showing those 5 patents (shaded in yellow) and the patents that cite them or that they cite:

January patent news 4

What Are New York Times’ Tech Predictions for This Decade?

The early party of this century was most definitely marked by the radical growth of technology. Will the trend continue into our next decade?  Kara Swisher from the New York Times doesn’t believe it will.  After building up to almost incredible heights, there may be nowhere left to go but crumbling down.  However, the tech we have is likely here to stay, which can benefit us in the future.  Where is the future of innovation leading?  We can expect the 20s to use that technology for good, in ways that will help the environment. Will we continue to be sucked into the world of our phones?  Swisher does not think that’s likely.  With an outlook on the environment, we may actually look up to see the world in the years to come.

Are you ready to make the jump into the IP world in the new decade with your new idea or innovation, but you aren’t sure what steps to take? Contact us at IP Vision to find out how we can help make your dream a reality.

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