Identify & Qualify Acquisition Targets With IPVision's Proven Systems & Expert Team

A free consultation from a senior analyst at IPVision can reveal key data points to drive your business strategy.
Quickly uncover insights from your patent portfolio (and others) to help inform your acquisition game plan.

Looking at Patent Data Should be Your First Thought (Not an Afterthought)

An IPVision target acquisition analysis helps you plan for the future and innovate wisely by allowing you to see the big picture in your space.

Our approach is unique because we assess target acquisition and "make vs. buy" decisions through a patent analysis lens using proprietary technology. Our expert systems and MIT-bred team of analysts exclusively empower IPVision to uncover insights about your business that are hiding in plain sight in existing patent data. 

To get a clear picture of the business landscape you’re competing in and develop an evidence-based strategy for target acquisition, a free consult call is the place to start.

"What are the Deliverables?"

Develop a clear picture of competitor patents & IP    

Identify how targets stack up against one another

How would the competitive landscape change if a      
             competitor acquired the target?

Should you develop, purchase, or acquire?

Identify all potential acquisition targets in your space

Perform an in-depth financial analysis of target patent

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